The Apex wins Leading Lights environmental award 2023

The Apex has won the Considerate Construction Scheme’s (CCS) prestigious Leading Lights’ award in the Natural-Environment-Enhancement category. The development, being constructed by VolkerFitzpatrick is recognised for its use of subsoil from the construction site to produce new building materials, saving 84% in carbon emissions and 93 cubic metres of waste.

Leading Lights- Award copy  AWARD.jpg

VolkerFitzpatrick and client Reef Group, in partnership with Bennetts Associates and HG Matthews used the excavated subsoil to produce the low-carbon Strock earth blocks that clad the interior walls of the basement. This product is a natural alternative to concrete that is free from toxic substances, creating a healthier interior environment. At the end of their life, the earth blocks can be ground up and reused as a raw material in other products.

The Apex is the largest structure in the UK to utilise this earth-based construction technique, showcasing a circular and environmentally friendly approach to construction that raises the bar for sustainable development in the UK and internationally.