VolkerFitzpatrick selected as Southern Integrated Delivery partner

VolkerFitzpatrick has been named by Network Rail as one of the successful alliance partners for its ten year Southern Integrated Delivery portfolio for 2024-2034.

New track being installed during engineering work.jpg
New track being installed during engineering work.jpg

The four partners have been selected to join Network Rail’s Works Delivery team, and will form an innovative, performance-based alliance to deliver the Southern Region's renewals portfolio over the next ten years, estimated at up to £9bn.

VolkerFitzpatrick has been selected to undertake buildings and civils works. VolkerRail – sister company to VolkerFitzpatrick – will undertake track, Octavius for electrification and plant, and Atkins for signalling.

The Southern Integrated Delivery portfolio will cover Control Period 7 (2024-2029) and Control Period 8 (2029-34).

The alliance, known as Southern Integrated Delivery, or SID, will be part of a new enterprise model based on the Institution of Civil Engineers’ Project 13 principles*, developed following significant cross-industry consultation over the last two and a half years.

With the SID, the Southern Region seeks to make a transformational change in how renewals work is delivered, by merging the capabilities of Network Rail and its supply chain to develop an integrated and coordinated approach to delivery.

Through tying efficiency savings found by partners to increasing the workbank, and linking profit to extra work delivered, the SID will make the best use of resources, maximise efficiencies and be collectively incentivised to deliver value for taxpayers and the right outcomes for passengers, freight and railway funders.

Ellie Burrows, managing director for Network Rail's Southern region, said: "I am really excited for the future of project delivery in the Southern Region - the rail industry has consistently demonstrated that when it comes together, it can do amazing things - this transformational step will bring all those ingredients together for the long-term delivery of renewals and make a tangible difference to passengers and freight-users alike."

James Hindes, managing director of VolkerFitzpatrick, said: “I am delighted that Network Rail has chosen VolkerFitzpatrick to join the Southern Integrated Delivery alliance. Our multi-disciplinary expertise, and collaborative approach will ensure the safe and efficient delivery of the portfolio, while considering the needs of rail users and local communities. Our teams are excited to be part of these works that will create a more resilient and futureproof railway for all.”

VolkerRail’s managing director, Steve Cocliff, said: “VolkerRail is thrilled to have been named as one of the four partners to undertake Network Rail’s Southern Integrated Delivery Enterprise. This achievement is a testament to our total commitment to collaborative working, the strength and quality of our teams and our extensive experience in track renewals.

“We look forward to spending the next 13 months working alongside Network Rail, VolkerFitzpatrick, Atkins and Octavius, as we develop the industry’s first enterprise delivery model.”

*For further information about the Institution of Civil Engineers’ Project 13 principles, please visit: