Urgent Hook works conclude and expand to futureproof adjacent areas

On 30 January 2023, the VolkerFitzpatrick team swiftly mobilised to rectify a landslip at Hook in Hampshire. The works were accomplished on time, with the railway reopening to resume normal service for passengers on 13 February 2023. This successful delivery has led to further work being awarded to futureproof the areas either side of the impacted area.

VolkerFitzpatrick Hook March 23 (3) WEB.jpg
VolkerFitzpatrick Hook March 23 (3) WEB.jpg

This project is another example of VolkerFitzpatrick collaborating with its supply chain partners to focus on our customer’s needs, with sister company VolkerRail (supplying Kirow cranes) and several core suppliers such as PodTrak, Universal Piling and Construction, Stuart Callaghan Surveyors and Fen Contracts all mobilising to support delivery.

The teams are continuing to act with due care and consideration for the environment and are currently collaborating with Natural England and Network Rail’s ecology teams to relocate three badger sets. This is needed to allow the next phase of critical works on the embankment.

The original assignment included constructing a 60-metre retaining wall, made up of almost one hundred 12-metre-long sheet piles which were driven into the ground to stabilise the embankment and protect the railway from future landslips. The steepness of the embankment slope was also regraded to reduce the risk of material falling.

Lee Clifton, contracts manager for VolkerFitzpatrick, said: “The teams, from VolkerFitzpatrick, VolkerRail and our network of suppliers, have worked so hard to achieve the project at Hook. I want to thank everyone that has contributed to this running smoothly and on time. It’s great to see what can be achieved when we collaborate cohesively. “