VolkerFitzpatrick complete works at Bishops Square retail development, near Spitalfields market

VolkerFitzpatrick has completed the development of the iconic £11.5 million Bishops Square retail project, situated near Spitalfields market, East London. Developed on behalf of client J.P Morgan, the unique retail project comprised construction work to a 2-storey mixed-use development, situated in the popular Spitalfields area of London on Lamb Street, which receives circa twenty-three million visitors per year. 

Bishops Square - Fosters image 6.jpg
Bishops Square - Fosters image 6.jpg

The project has provided ten retail units and has given further opportunities to residents and shoppers to enjoy food outlets and retail shops in the area. 

Designed by Foster & Partners, and inspired by the East End’s historic industrial warehouses, the distinctive building includes an exposed structural frame, coated in dark red iron oxide, infilled by glazing, canopies and partitions to give it a modern, industrial feel. The two-storey building complements the mix of independent retailers and market traders operating in Bishops Square and the wider area. 

Bishops Square - Fosters image.jpg

Smaller retail and food kiosks are located on the ground floor, along an existing service ramp. The kiosks are fitted with fully glazed fronts - which provide maximum transparency to animate the street - and contain fully built-in kitchens for tenants to move into. These food kiosks are flexibly designed for multiple tenants over the course of the building’s life. 

A larger unit, on the level above, can be accessed via a double-height entrance space at one end of the building. The structure responds to its immediate surroundings, with warmer natural materials cladding the northern façade that faces Elder Gardens. 

Bishops Square - Fosters image 3.jpg

The new building in Lamb Street was constructed in a narrow, challenging environment, which came with many constrictions. It is situated over an existing basement vehicle access ramp, used weekly by over 1500 vehicles, and had to remain open for much of the time. VolkerFitzpatrick installed a structural movement system in the existing basement to monitor the construction loads during the build. Due to the site being near residential and office space, numerous tests were run to ensure the site could be accessed for large deliveries whilst keeping noise to a minimum.

C14312 Bishops Square 250523 PP_GP_2810(1.0)sky.jpg

Managing director of VolkerFitzpatrick building division, Stuart Deverill said: “Our extensive experience of operating in logistically challenging and environmentally sensitive locations has been highly valuable in the construction planning and realisation of this exciting addition to the Spitalfields streetscape. This truly is a retail showpiece at Bishops Square and plays a big part in the regeneration of Spitalfields.’

Paul Harris, Executive Director at J.P. Morgan Asset Management, said: “It is a pleasure to work with the VolkerFitzpatrick team on the Bishops Square development, VolkerFitzpatrick led a positive and open relationship, and this, combined with their attention to detail, enabled us to deliver retail space of the highest standards.”

A sedum and wildflower green roof was also created, and the project achieve a ‘Very Good’ BREEAM rating overall.

Photo Credit: Aaron Hargreaves/Foster + Partners