The VolkerFitzpatrick Quality Management System integrates all aspects of our business operations; both core processes and support functions are addressed. It embraces all elements of the project from bid to completion, financial and risk management, administration, procurement, project management and includes the services of our sub-contractors.

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VolkerFitzpatrick's Quality Management System has been designed to be practical and user friendly with an emphasis on real outcomes. Registered as conforming to the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2008; the regular measuring and auditing by VolkerFitzpatrick internal auditors of the effectiveness of our quality assurance procedures provides a basis for evaluating its effectiveness and making changes as appropriate, thereby leading to better performance by the organisation on a sustained basis.  

Achieving a high quality of finish and ‘right-first-time' delivery is integral to our values based culture, which underpins the implementation of VolkerFitzpatrick's Quality Management System. 

VolkerFitzpatrick's Quality Management System ensures:

  • A coordinated and structured approach
  • Confidence all activities will be managed to a high standard
  • Delivery of a quality product with no defects at handover
  • Full integration of our supply chain partners into our quality process
  • A right-first-time culture
  • Effective communication of quality requirements to all project participants
  • Encourages workforce participation to drive improvement in working practices
  • Ensures consistent quality improvement and drives innovation
  • Captures learning to encourage innovation, and drives continuous improvement through design for buildability and avoidance of potential defects.