Stratford Retaining Wall

VolkerFitzpatrick design, supply and install 305m long reinforced concrete retaining wall on the southern boundary of Lendlease’s International Quarter development in east London.

• Design, supply and install project
• Reinforced concrete wall minimising distances from high-voltage cable, major sewer and boundary fence to the DLR
• Collaboration with VolkerGround Engineering
• 160-tonne GPS-assisted crane used to reduce risk for operatives
• £1,000 worth of new equipment to prevent tool drops from height
• Zero RIDDORs during 88,920 worker-hours
• Reused excavated materials as backfill
• Saved 9,875 vehicle movements (equal to 220,000kg of CO2)
• Locally sourced concrete
• London’s largest ‘living wall’
• Exemplary approach to health, safety and sustainability
• Habitat created for a diverse range of flora and fauna