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Port Access Road

VolkerFitzpatrick has been contracted to construct a new Port Access Road for London Gateway

About the works

The existing Sorrells Roundabout consists of four arms, including The Manorway, The Sorrells and Corringham Road.  The overall aim of the scheme is to move and alter the layout of the Sorrells Roundabout to allow greater capacity and provide a new carriageway into the port.

The circulatory section of the roundabout is to be moved away from the houses into the field to the South East. The circulatory carriageway of the roundabout is to be increased from two lanes to three, to provide greater capacity.

The two arms of The Manorway and Corringham Road will remain and a new arm will be constructed to bring traffic into the port.  Sorrells Road will alter and become a side road on The Manorway. The roundabout and the junction of Sorrells Road/The Manorway will be put under traffic signal control. A new crossing will be installed to allow pedestrians to safely cross The Manorway.

Major works will commence in August 2013 and finish in complete in Spring 2014.

Description of the works

Port Access Road

The Port Access Road is a new construction that connects Sorrells Roundabout with the port/park roundabout to the South East.

Noise Barriers

A barrier to screen against noise along both sides of the The Manorway at the Sorrells Roundabout.

Non-Motorised Users

New shared use footway/cycleways will be constructed to the west of the new Sorrells Roundabout, including new signal controlled crossings and Toucan crossings.

A non-motorised user's bridge will be erected across the Port Access Road.

Other Features

The approach roads, roundabout and Port Access Road shall include associated features such as lighting, drainage, fencing, road restraint systems, kerbs, road markings, signage and landscaping.

Traffic management

If you would like to receive automatic traffic management updates please register your interest by emailing

In an emergency please call 07876 875 842.

Traffic Management Update

Final Phase - 11 July 2014

The completed Sorrell's Roundabout scheme will now be in operation including the newly installed traffic signals.