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Glasgow Airport: Rehabilitation of Taxiway Golf

VolkerFitzpatrick have been contracted by Glasgow Airport to complete the rehabilitation of Glasgow's Golf Taxiway as part of their 10 year capital plan to increase capacity, complete asset replacement and improved customer service. 

This project was delivered in four phases across three winter periods to ensure minimal disruption to operations at Glasgow Airport which serves over 7.2 million passengers a year. With the airport operating flights around the clock, we undertook the works to taxiway ‘Golf’ during night possessions from 11pm to 5.30am. This is when the number of flights landing and taking off was relatively low. The runway remained operational during these periods but aircraft were able to backtrack as necessary.

In 2012, phases one and two of the project delivered the resurfacing of the first section of taxiway ‘Golf’, from its intersection with taxiway ‘Alpha; towards ‘Delta’. This was completed using a HDM modified binder course and Marshall asphalt surface course. Additional works included the treatment of transverse and longitudinal joints and the installation of new drainage systems, service ducts, LED aircraft ground lighting, concrete fillets, stop-bars and substation fit out.

Phase three continued the rehabilitation of taxiway Golf‘s pavement and drainage from the intersection with taxiways ‘Delta’ and ‘Echo’ in a westerly direction to just short of taxiway ‘Foxtrot’. This phase included the replacement of aircraft ground lighting on taxiway ‘November’s’ cul-de-sac and a number of Code E compliant concrete pavement fillets, which are suitable for aircraft with a wing span up to 65m. Surfacing repairs at various other locations was also undertaken.

The final phase, delivered in spring 2014, saw the remaining expansion joints on taxiway ‘Golf’ rehabilitated. New primary and secondary aircraft ground lighting and cabling was also installed along the length of taxiway ‘Foxtrot’ complete with new LED light fittings and seating pots. We also carried out other works around the airport including the replacement of individual concrete bays and numerous surfacing and joint repairs.