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Edge Hill Maintenance Depot

The Edge Hill Maintenance Depot contract included the design and construction of temporary / preparatory and permanent works for a new maintenance shed at Edge Hill Depot to enable West Coast Traincare Ltd (Alstom) to facilitate improved maintenance and servicing of the Class 390 Pendolino fleet. Works included the permanent way and electrification equipment as well as the civil and building works.


The new facility provides a two road shed 300m long and 17m wide. A stores building is located along one side of the new shed area along with the ancillary buildings housing the electrical switchgear, boiler room and specialist M&E equipment plant room. New sections of permanent way and overhead line electrification equipment have been constructed to connect the new facility to the existing depot infrastructure. In addition to the main facility the project includes the construction of a new carriage off load slab, car parking, a 450sq m modular office building and works to construct a new road access onto the existing highway.

The track within the shed is supported on steel stub columns providing a swimming pool type profile. Access is provided along the length of the shed and between the tracks for forklifts. High level access to train roof and sole bar is provided by steel access gantries running the full length of the shed. These are suspended from the roof in order that floor level access for pedestrians and forklifts is as free as possible. The depot Overhead Line Equipment runs for the full length of the shed and provides the traction power for trains within the facility. The depot protection system provided is fully interlocked with the ole equipment to ensure the safe movement of trains and access at high level is achieved.

Train maintenance equipment provided within the new shed includes four number two tonne overhead cranes for works to the pantographs and HVAC units. Wheel drop equipment has been provided on the internal shed roads at three locations to provide the facility to swop out wheel sets in line with maintenance and wear requirements.

M&E services are provided within the pit area. These services include LV power, water, compressed air, recovery and delivery of transmission oil, screen wash and a mechanical sand distribution system for the sand boxes on the trains. Services are also provided along the high level access platforms.