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Buckshaw Parkway Station

Part of a prestigious new development at Buckshaw, the project is a design and construct scheme for a new ‘parkway' station to serve the local community.

The building is a conventional construction, comprising structural steel frame, cladding to walls and rood, and blockwork internal walls. M&E works comprising power and water connection, lighting to car park and station platforms / footbridge and building services within the station building. ‘Retail Comms' is in the form of CCTV, CIS screens, Help Point and PA system.

The station platform is comprised of Up and Down 150m long six car platforms with 60m of passive provision for a further two car extension. The platform was constructed to NR's standard blockwall and PCC plank form of construction. Other works included construction of a 200 space car park, including DDA parking provision, bus and taxi drop off points, bus shelter and cycles stand. The station was constructed step free, with DDA-compliant gradients from the car park to the station building and onto the platforms and lifts. A structural steel footbridge on a piled foundation was installed across the railway line with DDA lifts up to the footbridge. Pre and post construction tamp of the track through the station.


The key to winning this project was through innovation. The client couldn't afford the initial Form A design. Therefore, at tender stage we re-engineered the modular system into a traditional steel portal frame building and re-engineered a crosswall and plank platform system, which reduced the budget.

Further innovations during the Form B design were carried out by reducing car park gradients and levels to save on importing arisings and using soakaways on platform drainage and ducting on the footbridge to omit the need for UTX's.