Teaching the next generation about the importance of biodiversity

Following World Environment Day on 5 June, members of the VolkerFitzpatrick team working in Southampton delivered an eco-themed presentation to the students at Deer Park School.

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In the interactive session on Monday, the year seven students learnt about the importance of biodiversity in the area and how responsible construction could have a positive impact on local communities and environments. The session was held by VolkerFitzpatrick’s environmental advisor, Connor Mehaffey, alongside environmental consultants and advisors. The presentation is part of a wider week of environmental awareness activities that include making bug hotels and learning about noise pollution.

Deer Park School’s headteacher, Matthew Jones, said: “The students gained a greater insight into the lengths being taken to preserve the ecosystem around the school. They were amazed at the layers of planning that have gone into the construction of the roads and footpaths that they use every day, and fully understand how important it is to protect our local environment. I'm sure it has sparked an interest in some future engineers, ecologists, etc. We really appreciate the time taken by VolkerFitzpatrick to work with our students and look forward to more opportunities to learn about local construction that is supporting the growth of our community.”

VolkerFitzpatrick’s environmental advisor, Connor Mehaffey, said: “It was great to share with the students the ways in which construction companies can support and help preserve the environment in the area in which a project takes place. I think we really opened their eyes to the possibilities.”