Camp Hill Line Kings Heath station

Progress underway on the Camp Hill line

Work on the Camp Hill line in Birmingham is well underway with progress being made on all three railway stations. Much of the structural work to prepare the site for building has now been completed at Kings Heath and Pineapple Road, and the platforms are taking shape. The team will soon have full access to Moseley Village site too, where structural work will begin ahead of platform construction.

camp-hill-3 PR.jpg

During work on these complex projects, a series of challenges have been found on site -including an unstable wall, a historic well, and a protected species.

The wall borders a locally listed building at Pineapple Road meaning it needs to be rebuilt brick by brick, whilst the previously undocumented Victorian well at the Kings Heath site, linked to the historic Highbury Hall, has meant a redesign of the area. Meanwhile, over in Moseley, the discovered protected species has restricted works as they can only be moved at certain times of the year.

These challenges mean that although the majority of construction work will be finished early next year, there is now a targeted opening date of the end of 2024. The reopening of the Camp Hill line to passenger services for the first time since 1941 remains a key infrastructure project for Transport for West Midlands (TfWM), the West Midlands Rail Executive (WMRE) and partners.

It will offer residents a fast and sustainable alternative to using private cars for journeys into Birmingham City Centre – reducing traffic congestion in the area up to 25 percent and helping achieve the ambition of a greener and better-connected region.

Andy Street, the Mayor of the West Midlands, said: “After more than 70 years without a train service, people in Kings Heath, Moseley, and Stirchley can see the progress that is being made - the ground has been strengthened, platforms and stations are taking shape, and we have already carried out timetable testing runs on the line.”

Once complete each station will have two platforms, pedestrian footbridges, stairs and lifts, ticket machines, information systems and passenger help points on each platform.

During construction the project is delivering benefits to local people, including supporting well-paid skilled construction jobs. Our team has also worked with local schools and communities to design the site hoardings.