Pioneering the use of zero emission tower lights

As one of the first contractors in the UK to use the Ecolite-H2 Fuel Cell powered tower lights, VolkerFitzpatrick is pioneering the use of hydrogen as a clean fuel on construction site applications. Six zero emission Ecolite-H2 tower lights are currently in use on VolkerFitzpatrick's Hornsey Depot project in North London, which forms part of the wider Thameslink Rolling Stock project.


The Ecolite-H2, a product of the TCP/Youngman Ecolite Partnership, is powered by a BOC Hymera fuel cell, which produces energy by combining hydrogen with oxygen (from the atmosphere) to produce electricity and water. There are no carbon or particulate emissions as would normally occur with a conventional diesel-powered generator and because there is no internal combustion engine, the process is virtually silent.
With no internal combustion engine or harmful emissions, the tower light is ideal for locations where traditional lighting towers cannot be used, such as enclosed spaces with limited ventilation or environmentally sensitive areas where there can be no risk of contamination.

The Ecolite-H2 also features the use of Prismalence (Patented Prismatic Lenses) lighting technology, reducing glare and allowing light to be directed where required, whilst minimising light spill and pollution into residential and other light sensitive areas. This stronger and more direct light source reduces night working stress for operators and improves health and safety on site by enabling clearer lighting of long walkways.
Key benefits to using Hydrogen tower lights as opposed to traditional diesel powered tower lights include:

  • Zero CO2 emissions
  • Ultra efficient and quiet
  • Reliable and low risk of pollution
  • Safe; no gasoline or liquid fuel sources means no combustion occurs in the process for safer use in any environment, indoors or out.
  • Focused light reducing working stress for night time operators

James McMorrow, VolkerFitzpatrick environmental manager, said: "VolkerFitzpatrick is committed to reducing its carbon emissions year on year. By focusing on all aspects of site safety and environmental control, including using cutting edge technology as part of our project solutions, we provide benefits to our clients and the communities in which we operate, not five years down the line, but right now.

"The hydrogen tower light fulfils our sustainability focused requirements by combining environmentally friendly technology with silence and efficiency, making it an ideal piece of equipment to use when working in close proximity to residential areas."

Andrew Barker, managing director at TCP, commented: "It is exciting and reassuring to work with a forward looking company who are prepared to embrace the latest technologies whilst considering environmental, as well as commercial issues around mobile lighting units."

The Hornsey Depot is part of the Thameslink Rolling Stock project which includes the manufacture and supply of a new fleet of trains and the construction of two depots at Hornsey in London and at Three Bridges, near Crawley. As part of this project VolkerFitzpatrick is acting as construction partner to Siemens Rail Systems and is designing, constructing and commissioning both  depots.

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