Exciting Milestone Reached at Ash Road Bridge project in Guildford

Over the first May bank holiday weekend, the residents of Ash in Guildford were treated to an extraordinary event as VolkerFitzpatrick began installing 19 bridge beams for the £19 million Ash Road Bridge project, undertaken on behalf of Guildford Borough Council.


This momentous occasion marks an exciting milestone in the construction of the new road bridge. Over the weekend, each beam, stretching an impressive 24 meters in length, was carefully lowered into place by a 750-tonne crane, symbolizing the progress of this transformative infrastructure project.

Residents were extended a special invitation to observe the installation process from designated viewing platforms, allowing them a firsthand glimpse of the monumental engineering feat unfolding before their eyes. With two of the beams weighing a staggering 45 tonnes each and the remaining 17 weighing 27 tonnes apiece, the precision and expertise demonstrated by the construction team were evident throughout the operation.


Colin Bexley, VolkerFitzpatrick’s Project Manager at the site commented: "The successful installation of the bridge beams at Ash Road marks a significant milestone in our project. It's a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team, and it brings us one step closer to delivering a safer and more efficient transportation solution for the local community."

Despite the challenges posed by the scale of the project, progress remained steady, with nine beams successfully installed ahead of schedule. The favourable weather conditions further facilitated the swift execution of the work.


When complete, the new road bridge will alleviate traffic congestion and accommodate the growing housing developments in the area. It will allow the closure of a level crossing which currently poses a safety risk and causes significant traffic delays. VolkerFitzpatrick is also delivering new approach roads, new junctions and altering existing roads to connect to the bridge. The new bridge will pave the way for future growth and development in the region.

“We were delighted with the turnout for the viewing sessions at Ash Road Bridge over the Bank Holiday weekend. Around 200 people came along to get a front row view of the beams being installed over the railway. Everyone I spoke to was very interested in the project and pleased to hear that it’s progressing well. We’re hoping that the bridge will be open to traffic in November.”

Cllr Tom Hunt Lead Councillor for Regeneration