CIOB Chief Executive visits The Apex in Kings Cross

Last week, the CIOB’s Chief Executive, Caroline Gumble and Senior Business Development Manager, Helen Patel visited The Apex project in the heart of King’s Cross to tour the site and review progress.


Operations manager, Rakesh Chavda first gave a thorough presentation detailing the work the team are doing. He discussed how they manage some of the on-site challenges of delivering the project, situated next to the Regent’s Canal.

Following this, the visitors took a tour of the site, so that they could appreciate the great strides that the team had made. This included being shown how sustainable construction methods have been used to construct the basement perimeter walls, using bricks made from excavated clay from the site.

Caroline Gumble, Chief executive, CIOB commented: ‘Thank you so much for the time you invested during the visit, it was a great presentation and tour and I was particularly pleased to see this project incorporating pioneering sustainable construction methods.’


The £29 million, seven-storey project, on behalf of Reef Group, will be one of six mixed-use new builds forming the ‘Tribeca’ development in the heart of King’s Cross. The ground floor level will feature reception, cafe and retail areas, whilst levels one to six will have the flexibility to be used as either laboratory or office space. 

Levels one to four will be equipped with balconies overlooking Regent’s Canal and a stepped back façade at level five will allow for an accessible terrace space. Due to the site’s close proximity to the water, we are working in close collaboration with The Canal and River Trust throughout the works.