Align JV reach milestone with the casting of the final segment for new tunnels

Our HS2 Tunnel Precast Factory Team at our Align JV, completed the casting of the final segment of the 112,350 required to complete both tunnels. This equates to 16,050 rings!

align 1 pre cast.jpg
align 1 pre cast.jpg

All the segments have now been produced that will enable our two giant tunnelling machines to complete their respective 10-mile-long tunnels on the Central 1 (C1) section of the HS2 Phase One project.

Our Align JV for HS2 includes ourselves, Bouygues Travaux Publics and Sir Robert McAlpine. As well as constructing the 10-mile-long tunnels we are delivering the UK's longest railway bridge spanning more than two miles (3.4km).