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VolkerFitzpatrick support offenders into sustainable employment


VolkerFitzpatrick is helping to reintegrate serving offenders into society and sustained employment by providing positive career opportunities, whilst also tackling the constructions skills gap. 

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There are more than 80,000 people in custody at any given moment in England, yet only 26.5% of offenders enter employment after release. At the Mulberry Logistics Park in Doncaster, we are constructing two high quality logistical units. Here, we have been working with HM Prison Hatfield in partnership with PSR Solutions, a leading provider of personnel in the construction industry, to prepare offenders and ex-offenders for re-entry into society.

Through the Released On Temporary License (ROTL) programme, a labourer can leave the prison for paid work, provided that he returns to the prison after scheduled hours the same day. The programme aims to support the resettlement of offenders into society and gives VolkerFitzpatrick access to skilled, reliable individuals.

Marcus Cherrill, workplace coordinator commented ‘We want to develop people who are passionate about a career in construction, and working with Hatfield prison and PSR solutions is a great way for us to find people that are looking for a career opportunity.’

The video below, created by the Build A Career team at PSR Solutions demonstrates just one way VolkerFitzpatrick is making a difference.



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