The project

VolkerFitzpatrick volunteers will play a vital role in constructing a school classroom in a remote part of Costa Rica in order to deliver educational outcomes for children in indigenous communities.

With this issue in mind, the VolkerFitzpatrick volunteers will help with the construction of a multi-purpose infrastructure designed for early-years education. The project will be funded by VolkerFitzpatrick and will also deliver awareness-raising activities to increase understanding of the importance of early-years education and the role it plays in later economic growth. 

Not only will building better educational facilities bring an increase in school attendance, but we hope to see an attitudinal change in the communities towards education. Due to the improved facilities, parents have previously reported that they start to place greater value on early years’ education. This is an important factor contributing to longer term primary and secondary educational attainment.

By taking part in this Overseas Volunteer Challenge, our volunteers will contribute towards the education and future development of children and young people in the Alto Chirripó Indigenous Territory.