Corina Reynolds


Which country will you be visiting?

'I will be going to Borneo'

Where do you work and what is your role?

'I am proposals coordinator working for the Civils division at head office in Hoddesdon'

What inspired you to apply for the Overseas Development Challenge?

‘I am interested in sustainable development and this is a really exciting way to go and work with under privileged people, see some of the poverty in the country and help people that really need helping.’

What skills will you bring to the expedition?

‘I think the skills you will need are good leadership skills, common sense and encouraging and morale boosting especially as it might be difficult for the younger members of the group. On my return, I hope the experience has helped me become a better leader.’  

What are you most and least looking forward to?

‘I am most looking forward to meeting other people in the same situation and building and being part of a team that really make a difference.

I don’t like spiders so it will be really difficult but I am hoping to overcome the fear whilst I am out there. ‘