Carl Ainsworth


Which country will you be visiting?

'I will be visiting Borneo'

Where do you work and what is your role?

'I am design manager on the Romford Roc project in Essex'

What inspired you to apply for the Overseas Development Challenge?

‘The opportunity to help and lead young people in a hostile environment, I think life in the 21st century is fairly easy in the UK and I think it’s good to challenge yourself and others constantly. The chance to lead young people is also not something I could pass up.’

What skills will you bring to the expedition?

‘I have some experience of visiting the Columbian jungle so understand the cook it, kill it, eat it, style. I also have knowledge of the jungle so can tell when it will rain, understand the humidity and knowing how difficult things may be. I am a very determined person so if a task needs to be completed, it will get done. I also have a good strong worth ethic that is something people can look up to me for and I’ll do my best to help them develop.’

What are you most and least looking forward to?

‘Seeing the wildlife in its natural environment and seeing how the team develop throughout the process of working hard with a lack of sleep in a harsh situation.

The punishing humidity is probably the thing I am least looking forward to’