VolkerWessels becomes new cohesive force in UK construction

VolkerWessels, the European construction group, announces the coming together and rebranding of its seven UK companies - a move which underpins its aim to become a one billion pound turnover operation and a ‘best in class' operator in the UK market. As of today the companies will take on a new group identity as VolkerWessels UK; this reflects their commitment to closer collaboration and supports a strategy to offer clients a more integrated service, take advantage of growth opportunities and to benefit from the sharing of best practice across the operating companies.

Logo VolkerWesselsUK CB.jpg
Logo VolkerWesselsUK CB.jpg

VolkerWessels UK is part of Dutch based VolkerWessels - a major European construction company with an annual turnover of almost €5 billion. Representing the combined force of seven of the UK's most successful construction, civil engineering and infrastructure companies, the group has an annual turnover of more than £700 million and employs nearly 2,500 staff in locations throughout the country.

The seven companies rebranding are: Fitzpatrick Contractors, Grant Rail, Crowley, Gabriel, Volker Stevin, Laser and Visser & Smit Hanab. All are respected names in their fields with a long and successful heritage and a history of working together. Together they offer expertise in a wide range of disciplines including: highways, civil engineering, construction, railway engineering, steel foundations, pipeline and cable installation, waterproofing, marine works, flood protection and land reclamation. From today the companies will be known as:

  • VolkerFitzpatrick
  • VolkerRail
  • VolkerHighways
  • VolkerLaser
  • VolkerInfra (Visser & Smit Hanab)
  • VolkerStevin retains its name, but takes on a new brand identity.

VolkerHighways will incorporate the London based businesses Crowley and Gabriel along with the highways division of Fitzpatrick and the street lighting operation MEWS.

Alan Robertson, Chief Executive Officer, VolkerWessels UK, says:

"This is an exciting time in the history of our companies. Our rebrand is much more than a name change and a new design. It signals an exciting new start for the members of our group, one that reflects our parentage and demonstrates our commitment to share expertise and resources for the benefit of our clients, staff and the communities in which we work.

"The companies that make up VolkerWessels UK already share the same philosophy and values which include pride in everything we do, a commitment to the training and development of our staff and a strong focus on tight project management for our clients. We believe that through closer collaboration we can deliver better, safer, faster and more cost effective services for our clients. By joining forces we will be ideally placed to take advantage of the significant opportunities in the construction and infrastructure markets in which we operate."

Although it will be largely business as usual for the seven companies that make up VolkerWessels UK, Alan Robertson believes that clients, suppliers and staff will soon start to notice the benefits of more joined up working within the group.

"All the companies have been part of the VolkerWessels family for some time and many have already worked together on joint ventures, but this rebranding will bring greater cohesion to the group, and will ensure more successful collaborations across it. Our clients will continue to experience the same consistent levels of care, consideration and commitment they have always received. However, as VolkerWessels UK, we can take advantage of expertise in every sphere, whether it is financial, technical, managerial or operational. We can also bring the best innovations and training from across the group to our workforce. It won't be long before all our clients and staff start to see the benefits."

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Notes to editors

  1. A press pack including career highlights for Alan Robertson, fast facts on the companies and photography is available.
  2. VolkerFitzpatrick is a multi-disciplinary construction contractor based in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire.
  3. VolkerRail is a major railway infrastructure company based in Doncaster.
  4. VolkerHighways combines the highways expertise of Crowley, Gabriel, Fitzpatrick Highway Service Division and MEWS. Its head office is in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire.
  5. VolkerStevin is a civil engineering and building contractor specialising in land remediation, regeneration and marine works. The company is based in Gateshead in the North East.
  6. VolkerLaser is a specialist in structural repairs and waterproofing based in Worcester.
  7. VolkerInfra Visser Smit & Hanab is a specialist in high voltage cable and pipeline installations based in Kettering, Northamptonshire.

About VolkerWessels UK

VolkerWessels UK is the combined force of seven of the UK's most successful construction, civil engineering and infrastructure companies: VolkerFitzpatrick, VolkerHighways, VolkerInfra (Visser & Smit Hanab), VolkerLaser, VolkerRail and VolkerStevin. Formed in March 2009, the group is the UK arm of Dutch based VolkerWessels, a major European construction group with an annual turnover of almost €5 billion. VolkerWessels UK has a combined annual turnover of more than £700 million and employs nearly 2,500 staff in locations around the country.