VolkerFitzpatrick and Colas JV lands Birmingham Airport Contract

Joint Venture partners VolkerFitzpatrick and Colas have been awarded the contract for two major Midlands construction projects, the A45 Transport Corridor Improvement Scheme and the Runway Extension at Birmingham Airport.

Birmingham Airport terminal.jpg
Birmingham Airport terminal.jpg

The two projects are being developed in conjunction due to their close proximities and timeframes, and will provide a number of benefits for both contracting parties. The benefits include increased purchasing power, combining utility diversion works, reducing construction overhead costs and minimising the need to export and import earthworks materials.

The A45 Transport Corridor Improvement Scheme will regenerate the A45 Coventry Road between Damson Parkway and M42 Junction 6. It will reduce congestion, improve safety and accessibility, and is a major catalyst for investment.

On completion, the 405m runway extension will enhance the airport's capability, as well as helping to take pressure off airports in the overheated South East.

Speaking on behalf of VolkerFitzpatrick and Colas, Des Steadman, managing director of civil engineering for VolkerFitzpatrick, said: "We're delighted to be chosen as preferred bidder for these projects. Both organisations are pleased to continue their long standing relationships with the key stakeholders; we recognise the strategic importance of this significant infrastructure project to the region and look forward to its successful delivery."

John Morris, head of industry and government affairs for Birmingham Airport said: "By meeting local demand, the Airport will reduce unnecessary long distance surface journeys to other UK airports and generate sustainable long-term economic growth inside its own local area."

The estimated commencement date of the A45 Transport Corridor Improvement Scheme is July 2012, with works expected to be completed by summer 2013. The estimated start date for the runway extension scheme is June 2013, with an operational date of spring 2014, following full commissioning and flight testing.