2007 Considerate Construction Scores

As a 2007 objective for VolkerFitzpatrick to improve the image of our construction activities, all sites over 6 weeks duration were registered with the Considerate Construction Scheme and achieved an average score of 34.

This score is in comparison to 31.19 for the sites registered by the remainder of the construction industry - with 20% of our sites scoring 35 out of 40 or above.

The Scheme has registered over 25,000 sites over the past ten years with current levels of 600 registrations a month.

At the Scheme's ten year anniversary awards in July 2007, VolkerFitzpatrick received an award of Highly Commended in the Most Considerate Civil Engineering Contractor category. VolkerFitzpatrick are committed to making a positive impact on the image of construction and will continue to support this scheme.