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Perimeter solutions

VolkerFitzpatrick's paving portfolio includes project managing the delivery of bespoke perimeter security solutions. Counter-terrorism measures are the practical practices, tactics, techniques, and strategies that public organisations and private corporations adopt to mitigate the potential of a terrorist threats and/or acts, both real and imputed.

VolkerFitzpatrick has the experience and knowledge of installing the full range of approved security solutions.  We have provided bespoke perimeter solutions and hostile vehicle mitigation measures at sporting venues across London, for public sector organisations and the nuclear industry.  All projects have been delivered discretely, safely and to a high standard of finish. 

The use of barriers to either prevent or channel vehicle traffic and to stop vehicles getting close to high value targets has long been a feature of counter terrorist strategies.  By employing VolkerFitzpatrick you will benefit from careful planning and specialist mitigation advice ensuring you have a solution that addresses your needs.

VolkerFitzpatrick has extensive knowledge of the Britpave PAS 68 specification and we have a strong portfolio of PAS 69 installation experience.

Any procedures and measures designed and installed by VolkerFitzpatrick will be relevant and proportionate to your site's specific requirements. Every location is unique and our perimeter security solutions are bespoke to locally identified threats and vulnerabilities.