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Senior Project Manager - Civils

A senior project manager is responsible for a larger project or a number of projects.

Overall role purpose:

  • Deliver successful projects
  • Build and maintain successful teams
  • Maintain personal training and development as example to others

Key accountabilities:


  • To represent the company in the delivery of projects.
  • To receive instruction on behalf of the company
  • To issue instruction and provide direction in order to ensure the successful delivery of projects assigned to the PM by senior management.


  • Provide operational support to specific tender as directed by the tender manager.
  • Act as Bid Manager reporting to tender manager where appropriate,
  • Ensure full understanding of complete tender documentation including revisions.
  • Ensure VFL offer matches tender specification.
  • Provide programme support and written text, plans, risk assessments etc. required for tender submission.
  • Chair and participate in meetings, interviews etc with subcons, clients and stakeholders.


  • Deliver the works safely
  • Ensure all project team members align to the principles of IIF.
  • Be familiar with and observe all relevant statutory provisions applicable to construction and related industries.
  • Implement the company's procedures for dealing with sub-contractors and ensure proper co-operation and co-ordination takes place between the various parties who may share the workplace/site.
  • Provide an overall health & safety plan for each site, making an adequate assessment of the risks involved, and ensuring that safe systems of work and method statements are produced, followed and reviewed.
  • Ensure activity and/or substance-specific assessments under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations are made and communicated to those at risk.
  • Ensure employees, self employed, temporarily employed and non employed trainees/persons have received adequate training and information about the activity they are required to undertake, particularly by ensuring induction is provided for those attending a location for the first time.
  • Ensure employees are aware of the company's policy for health & safety at work and that they have understood its requirements.
  • Liaise with others as applicable and support initiatives for health and safety representation.
  • Ensure proper protective equipment is provided, maintained and used.
  • Report all accidents and incidents to the appointed health and safety manager, carry out investigations, make recommendations to prevent recurrence and ensure this information is effectively communicated.
  • Arrange 4-weekly health and safety planning meetings with the appointed health and safety manager.

Complete Understanding of all the project objectives:

  • Agree project targets with contracts manager for:
    • Quality
    • Safety
    • Programming
    • Financial
    • Client
    • Staff Development
  • Read thoroughly all documentation and specifications for the project
  • Understand the tender philosophy, pricing and programming
  • Attend the tender handover meeting

Build, develop, support and maintain the team.

  • Ensure that all team members are aware of their roles and responsibilities for this specific project.
  • Regularly review performance against responsibilities and give feedback both good and bad.
  • Develop an environment where all the team members are able to communicate with one another openly.
  • Listen to what the team members have to say and support action by the individual where appropriate.
  • Celebrate successes as a team.
  • Facilitate when relationships in the team break down and take action.
  • Encourage the client to be part of the bigger project team and monitor
  • Actively follow the PDR programme and enrol team members to help you succeed.
  • Give individual staff development feedback to Contracts Manager or relevant parties.
  • Monitor morale within the team and take correct action if necessary with the support of the contracts manager.
  • Ensure that staff are continually developing new skills and that complacency and comfort zones are constantly challenged

Build and maintain a good relationship with the client and all external parties.

  • Act in a professional manner, appropriate to a representative of the company.
  • Work to build strong relationships with the client.
  • Promote similar behaviour from each member of your team.
  • Constantly manage the clients expectation.
  • Participate proactively in VFL customer care programmes
  • identify customer objectives, ensure regular feedback is collected and that action plans in response to feedback are implemented.

Develop the tender programme into a construction programme. (Within 4 weeks of award)

  • Manage and support the production of a resourced construction programme showing design, procurement, and construction phases with a clearly defined critical path and key milestone dates in line with VFL standards.
  • Manage and support the preparation of a project forecast (Within 6 weeks of contract award)
  • Manage the preparation of material and subcontract schedules including Statutory Authorities for inclusion in the programme where necessary.
  • Ensure the commercial team are involved in the procurement areas of the project.
  • Establish areas of responsibility defined by the programme and allocate to section leaders so that the whole team is involved in the planning process.
  • Involve the commercial team in the plan ensuring they are aware of the critical path and key activities on the project.
  • Enrol the clients representatives in the project plan so that he is aware of the critical path and the resources to be employed. Present the programme to the clients team so that there is no doubt over the project strategy.
  • Section leaders to be aware of all costs targets within their control

Monitor progress with up to date programmes so that timely clear direction can be given to the team on critical construction/financial targets.

  • Organise regular update meetings with the team to review specific progress on the sections and update the overall strategy if required. Give direction on key dates, critical path and areas of concern.
  • Ensure the programme is kept fully up to date with as built information, changes, delays or lost time complete with references and measured against original.
  • Discuss the implication of any revisions to the programme with the client if changes occur and present a revised programme if applicable.
  • Have weekly review meetings with the client to discuss progress even if official meetings are planned once monthly.
  • Constantly review the future strategy ensuring that work is still planned in the most effective manner and that all opportunities for improvement are being investigated.
  • Regularly review financial progress and review trends so that any possible overspend can be identified early and corrective action taken with the contracts jmanager.
  • Provide regular formal progress updates to the contracts manager as agreed.
  • Manage the production of as built information, records and dates on drawings and in diaries.

Development, Management and Maintenance of Site Management Plan

  • Regular update meetings with the site team to review progress, discuss problems and agree on solutions.
  • Prepare the management plan including those aspects which are relevant to the project.
  • Create a concise list of those functions that are detailed in the plan and allocate appropriately and fairly to members of the site team.
  • Agree with the team members which functions they are accountable for. Make sure that they are completely aware of what is expected of them.
  • Communicate to all team members what everyone in the team is responsible for.
  • Organise timely support from members outside the team (subcontractors) for specified functions again ensuring that clear accountabilities have been agreed.
  • Regularly review procedures and suggest methods of streamlining where possible.
  • Carry out spot checks personally to ensure that the systems are on track and give praise/warnings to team members where necessary.
  • Ensure site induction and method statement briefings take place.
  • Carry out your responsibilities from the site management plan

Identify and evaluate risks, determine and manage actions, maintain risk register

  • Continuous process of asking, "What are the risk that might prevent delivery of this project?"
  • Risks will either by Accept/Treat/Transfer/Terminate
  • Consider opportunities

Manage and control changes to scope, requirements, personnel etc.

  • Resist unnecessary change or preferential engineering.
  • Operate VFL change control procedures, quote value and time implications of change in advance of doing the work.
  • Ensure accurate records of resources are kept.

Monitor progress against cost plans, programmes and quality/environmental plans

  • Prepare detailed cost plan in conjunction with the Project QS.
  • Reconcile costs spent to date and future costs on a monthly basis.
  • Monitor labour and plant costs on a weekly basis against planned activity.
  • Reconcile bulk materials and wastage.
  • Report additional unplanned costs.
  • Working with the planner to input and assess the impact of change and entitlement to EOT.
  • Ensure programme revisions are issues to the client team monthly.
  • Ensure detailed programmes that support delivery of the main programme are produced, used and reported again at weekly team meetings.
  • Ensure compliance with the VFL Management System, quality and environmental plans.
  • Assist with audits
  • Ensure NO acceleration without senior management approval

Manage stakeholder engagement

  • Identify all stakeholders and prepare communication plan that addresses their individual needs.
  • Attend community business liaison meetings.
  • Maintain open door access for stakeholders and keep register of issues raised and record actions taken.

Develop and protect our subcontractor relationships

  • Assist with expanding the supply chain and develop ongoing collaborative relationships with existing suppliers.
  • All subcontractors are to be approved before starting work and procurement of suppliers for key packages is to be in line with the VFL Supply Chain Policy and agreed protocol for this project.

Manage the design

  • Ensure the designer deliverables are provided in accordance with the programme.
  • Monitor compliance with Design and Build procedures.

Contribute to our recognition within the industry

  • This means a Considerate Constructor Scheme score not lower than 34/40, submissions for CEEQUAL, Safety Award, one star industry award - to be agreed.
  • At least two positive media articles.

Prepare and present project reports

  • Programme, costs, resources
  • Risk register
  • Highlight reports - progress and issues
  • Exception reports
  • End of project reviews and lessons learnt
  • Monthly client progress reports
  • 4-weekly SQE minutes/reports
  • Working hour/accident reports

Liaise with line management re: approvals and decisions at key stages

  • Seek approval of all major plans and authorisation of significant deviation from the plan e.g. staff discipline unplanned cost increases, acceleration etc.

Prepare and maintain project information

  • Ensure this is communicated to new staff joining the team and keep available for health check reviews
  • Includes:
    • Project objectives
    • Scope
    • Outline of deliverables
    • Exclusions/constraints
    • Budget
    • Quality expectations of key stakeholders
    • Acceptance criteria reflecting the users requirements
    • Summary of known risks

Delivery of the project margin will be an inevitable consequence of successful implementation of the above items.


  • Ensure works are completed defect free to minimise rework during maintenance period
  • Ensure all post completion paperwork - H&S files, As-Builts etc are completed in timely manner
  • Ensure subcontract accounts and main accounts are resolved in timely manner.
  • Ensure completion certificate is issued by client
  • Ensure all actions to realise release of retention are carried out.
  • Maintain relationship with customer to maximise work on work opportunities
  • Ensure project close out reviews and subcon feedback scores are carried out.


  • Promote equal opportunity, inclusion and diversity in recognition of the differences that exist between all peoples‘ irrespective of race, colour, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender including transgender, age, disability, marital status including civil partnerships or part-time status.


Internal Contacts

External Contacts

All site personnel


Visiting managers and directors

Material suppliers


Local authorities






Staff authorities


Delegated auhority:

Project managers are authorised and empowered to make decisions necessary in the delivery of their responsibilities. They are required to communicate effectively with their line managers, beyond a need-to-know basis, so that suitable checks and balances can be implemented.

Career path information:

Required Qualifications / Expertise: 

  • Proven technical and project management abilities
  • Strong organisational and management skills
  • Knowledge of the requirements and implementation of CDM regulations
  • Ability to produce Work Package Plans, Task Briefing Sheets, and implement safe systems of work
  • Detailed knowledge of safety, quality and environmental issues relevant to the project environment
  • Sufficient experience required in construction.

Key competencies required for this career level:



Good communicator


Team leader

‘Can do'attitude

Business awareness

Able to work under pressure

Knowledge and understanding of construction management





Effective use of own initiative

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